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On the International Women's Day, first generation entrepreneur from Pune Ms. Mona Pandit shares her journey of building one of India's leading ayurvedic skincare brands RESHMONA VEDIC.

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The market dynamics in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has changed over a period of few years. With the Covid pandemic coming in the country, lot of professionals have moved to their hometowns. This gave a rise to online shopping from these cities. Lot of new business opportunities have emerged in these areas.

Every month Women Shine will focus one one tier 2 city and talk about emerging brands run by Women Founders/Co Founders.

This month we take a look on Pune City. We will discuss about 3 Women Entrepreneurs from this city.

RESHMONA VEDIC – Founder, Mona Pandit RESHMONA VEDIC, a leading new age brand of ayurvedic skincare and personal grooming products is making waves in the personal care products market in India. This latest market entrant has an interesting story behind it – that of a daughter’s passion to fulfil her father’s dream.

RESHMONA skincare cream was first conceived and formulated by Dr. Satish Pandit, an Ayurveda exponent from Pune. After years of research, Dr Pandit developed a unique ayurvedic skincare formulation and named it RESHMONA – after his two daughters Reshma and Mona.

Launched in 1984, RESHMONA went on to become one of the most popular medicinal skincare brands in India and overseas. Within a few years, the cream won several industry and government awards, and was growing rapidly in the market.

However, following business related disputes with his partner, Dr. Pandit had to pull out the brand from the market.

To do justice to Dr Pandit’s passion for RESHMONA, his daughter Ms Mona Pandit, a public relations and media professional, decided to re-launch the brand in the market.

However, even before the re-launch process could begin, Dr. Pandit passed away in 2018 after a brief illness.

Ms. Mona then took up this daunting task to re-introduce the product, which meant going back to the laboratory, that too without any subject matter expertise.

With the support of her mother and elder sister Reshma, Ms. Mona worked hard for months to re-synthesize and fine-tune the product formulation while managing several aspects of the business such as marketing, sales and accounting among others. There was a lot of running around, travel, business meetings and family responsibilities.

But this did not deter Mona from re-launching the RESHMONA cream within two years of her father’s demise. Ms Mona launched a completely new range of skincare products under an ayurveda start-up

named Reshmona Pharmaceuticals. Today, the RESHMONA VEDIC range boasts 12 exquisite products across face, skin, lips and hair care categories.

Like in the case of any start-up, Ms Mona used technology and machine learning to assess market trends, product development techniques and identify user requirements, basis which the RESHMONA VEDIC range was launched. The long-term plan is to build the brand further and keep introducing the finest of products in the market.

Over the next decade, Reshmona Pharmaceuticals aims to enter the unicorn club by identifying the right segments, launching unique products and tapping the consumption habits of the younger population.

Visit : www.reshmona.com for more information

Mona Pandit, Founder of RESHMONA VEDIC

-Team WS

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