About Us

RESHMONA is a legacy skincare brand since the year 1984,
derived from the values of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a medical science developed through variety and diversity of abundantly rich Indian natural resources. Ancient Indians, by the virtue of timeless intelligence and wisdom, performed numerous experiments to devise effective natural remedies documented in one of the four vedas – the Ayurveda. Products and medicines developed using ayurvedic knowledge not only cure the problem but also prevent its reoccurrence.

RESHMONA VEDIC skincare range is efficaciously crafted with carefully selected herbs, each bearing a unique healing quality and addressing various skin related problems. These products are a result of extensive research and study on the ancient herbs by Dr. Satish Pandit, a renowned Ayurvedic Doctor. The ayurvedic components used in all our products have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties, hence they are safe for all skin types.

Our Story

Reshmona was started in the year 1984 by a noble Ayurvedic Vaidya (doctor) Dr. Satish D. Pandit based in Pune with a clinical OPD of over 100 patients daily. Dr. Pandit’s belief in nature’s soul & his love for Ayurvedic medicine grew stronger when his patients started experiencing the benefits of Ayurvedic treatment. His passion was to gain knowledge & take up new challenges, especially in Ayurvedic research, for a purpose.

Dr. Pandit relentlessly conducted analyses & experiments for a decade on Ayurvedic medicines and their power to heal skin-related issues. The conviction of his patients towards his knowledge & their faith in Ayurvedic healing pushed his boundaries, encouraging him to develop an ayurvedic skincare product. With grit and determination, he crafted a powerful product to address skin problems. Keeping the belief of his patients and people around, he curated Reshmona ayurvedic skin cream using the goodness of Indigenous natural resources. Started with a hope to cure his patients, little did he know that this aspiration will make him a luminary in the ayurvedic industry. After that, there was no looking back.

For Dr. Pandit, this developed to become more than a dream. Through his hard work, perseverance, and proven ability, this visionary doctor created a product which won accolades not only in his own country but also overseas. Regardless of the tremendous growth of the company and the increasing demand for Reshmona, Dr. Pandit was always known as a humble, kind, and generous human being. His vision was to revolutionize skincare across the globe and provide an effective & safe ayurvedic skin restoration cream, giving long term benefits.

Reshmona, initially created under Datsons Laboratories, is a legacy product of Dr. Satish Pandit’s life and vision. Dr. Pandit shared his insights and practices with his daughters, Reshma & Mona, who are now committed to carrying the legacy forward. Today Datsons Laboratories has been re-named as Reshmona Pharmaceuticals and has since launched products that bring innovation and novelty to the brand.

Brand Philosophy

Our brand philosophy is entrenched in developing Ayurvedic products using indigenous ancient medicinal herbs with an aim to benefit the users.


To work towards building healthy skin complexions by providing nature’s most effective Ayurvedic ingredients and make Reshmona a compassionate & a trustworthy brand.


To revolutionize the experience of Ayurvedic skin care across the globe.

Our Leadership

Dr. Satish Pandit

Late Dr. Satish Pandit


Dr. Satish D. Pandit was a Pharmacist, a General Practitioner and a Practising Ayurvedic doctor for more than 40 years in India. The Creator & Founder of RESHMONA, Dr. Pandit was recognized for his immense knowledge on Ayurvedic herbs and their medicinal uses in skincare.

His passion for Ayurveda and his commitment towards the society led him to develop RESHMONA, an ayurvedic skin restorative. His research, along with the success of RESHMONA and his exemplary contribution in the field of Ayurveda won various award and accolades.

Dr. Pandit was always seen as a respectable doctor given his humble, kind and benevolent nature.

Mona Pandit

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Co-Founder & Managing Director of RESHMONA Pharmaceuticals, Mona leads the company’s strategy, product development and business operations. She grew up seeing her father’s passion & love for Ayurveda, which  reflects in her commitment towards RESHMONA Pharmaceuticals.

Following her father’s desire to provide effective & safe ayurvedic skincare solutions, Mona has re-launched RESHMONA, a brand committed to her father’s belief.

With over 15 years of experience in the communications and marketing industry, Mona has worked with numerous brands, clients and companies as a Corporate Communications and  Public Relations professional. Her varied experience across industries gives her a deep understanding of different business models and evolving strategies. Mona holds a master’s degree in Communications & a graduation in commerce from University of Pune.

Our Awards

Award 1_Corrected-1

Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award

India, 1995

awards pic 4_Corrected-2

Rashtriya Udyog Award

international economics forum
Panama, 1987

S.I.D.O Award

5th International Commercial Exposition

Panama, 1987

Asia Award

Trade Leaders Clubs of Madrid

Spain, 1988

Other Awards


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