Skincare Best Ever Advice for Your Skin!

Skin care is always in style? is “fashion” a better adjective? We do care for our skin, but sporadically. When you begin to understand why having a healthy skin is important, maintaining it then becomes simple. The confidence that comes from having perfect skin is just unparallel. If you’ve had a clear skin for the majority of your life, then sudden changes to your skin like adult acne or unexpected skin sensitivities start hurting your emotions! Finding a solution to these skin problems can be extremely perplexing.

There are quite a few easy skincare techniques which can reduce redness and increase clarity of skin. These require less work than you might imagine but still deliver long-term results. Let’s understand these easy-win solutions.

  1. Shield Your Skin from the Sun

Shielding your skin from the Sun is one of the most crucial things you can do. Excessive sun exposure may lead to skin cancer, aging spots, wrinkles, and other skin ailments. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 is a great way to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight. Make sure, you use enough sunscreen and keep applying it as required.  To prevent the damaging sun rays from reaching your skin, you can sun coats, hats and other coverings, especially of cotton.

2. Handle Your Skin Gently

Hot water can dry out your skin by removing the natural oils present inside the skin. Using warm water instead of hot is a great way to protect skin. Avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers on your skin because this may lead to reduction in oil levels and cause dehydration. Gently pat or wipe your skin with a towel after taking a bath and ensure, some amount of moisture remains on the skin.

3. A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can improve your appearance and well-being. Consume a lot of fresh agri produce, whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits. Fish oil or fish oil supplements, together with  low fat food and refined or processed carbohydrates together helps your skin look younger. A good amount of water consumption is important to keep the skin hydrated.

4. Stress & Sleep

Unchecked stress can exacerbate existing skin conditions and make your skin more sensitive. Getting enough sleep enables you re- energize, build a healthy mind and thus have a better skin health. Remember, your skin is repairing itself while you’re sleeping. Therefore, getting at least 8 hours of stress-free sleep is advised for better skin texture.

5. Get a Full Body Check Done

 By the time you turn 30, you should have a dermatologist perform a full-body skin examination. Any moles you may have should be examined by qualified eyes, and you should monitor them for changes. The dermatologist can also guide you on how to properly monitor your own skin. This is crucial because, if detected early, the worst form of skin cancer, melanoma, is almost curable.

6. Wash Your Face Gently

Skin looks at its best after a gentle cleansing. Wash your face with warm water and then use a gentle cleanser, rubbing it with your fingertips in a circular motion. The cleanser should be completely rinsed out before gently wiping your skin dry with a clean cotton napkin.

7. Work Out Frequently and Early

One of the skin’s main jobs is to regulate body temperature. That is where regular workout helps the skin. The skin pores throw out sweat, which evaporates consuming the energy from the body, thus cooling down the latter. Increased blood flow due to exercise also ensures that your skin receives all the nutrients and oxygen it requires to stay healthy.

Final Words

Being the most exposed part of your body, your skin requires proper care. We strongly advise using natural moisturisers that are free of harsh chemicals and substances like alcohol.

Additionally, excessive use of perfumes and colours should be avoided as they may cause skin allergies. Making sure your skin receives maximum nutrients and active elements during the night time is ideal.

Skin-related problems are common today, but Reshmona Vedic’s Ayurvedic skincare products, including the face wash, face cream, and face packs, are made to make your skin healthier, giving it a radiant glow.