How to take care of your hair to make it silky and bouncy!

It is said that since our hair is a crown we will never take off, we should take care of it. Healthy, silky hairs is incredibly satisfying. Although there are many different locks kinds, including long and short, wavy and straight, dry and moisturized, etc., having soft and bouncy locks is everyone’s goal. However, we now frequently use heated tools like curling irons, dryers, and irons on our locks, all of which degrade the condition of our locks making them appear lifeless and dreary. It’s just so nice to look at and touch silky threads.


  1. Oiling 

They nourish your hair and make it stronger. Your locks is further shielded from damage from daily use by oiling. Oiling your locks thrice a week will give the required nutrition to your locks. Use a blend of oils and avoid using one particular oil. Check the ingredients before use. A blend of effective oils in the correct proportion will not only keep your locks strong but will make your locks soft and silky. 


  1. Keep Your Hair Clean

To get silky and bouncy hair in the summer, keep your locks clean. In the summer, the sun, perspiration, and filth damage your hair. To get rid of all the grease, shampoo your hair around twice a week. A lot of shampoos might dry out your hairs, so keep that in mind. Whenever you can avoid shampoo, use a conditioner.


  1. Nutritious and Healthy Eating

The way we eat has a big impact on how our hair looks. A healthy diet that includes both fruits and vegetables is crucial for the nutrients it gives your locks. Eat foods like tomatoes, almonds, soybeans, flax seeds, milk and milk products, chickpeas, and milk. Make meat and eggs a regular component of your diet if you eat them. You’ll undoubtedly develop summery, bouncy hairs!


  1. Steer clear of heat tools

Limp hair tempts you to add more styling. When your locks are limp, blow drying and style will come to your rescue. Damage is also done by it. Your hairs loses moisture as a result of the heat. Using styling equipment can just make it worse.


How to Instantly Add Shine and Bounce to Your Hair

After that, rinse your hair with beer. Your drab, limp locks will instantly become shiny thanks to the compounds in beer.


Less shampoo should be used on the ends of your hair. Automatically, shampoo suds will fall from the top of the head to the tips.


Use a hair serum for your locks that is sun-protective. Your locks will quickly become less greasy by applying baby talc to the scalp and gently rubbing it with your fingertips.


Wear Velcro curlers overnight on extremely lifeless hair to wake up with bouncy, wavy locks without the need for any heat-styling products.



We hope that this blog will be helpful to you and will give you the specific details you need. All of the aforementioned advice and treatments work well for a variety of hair issues. With the advice mentioned above, use Reshmona Vedic hair care products, and you will be one step closer to having locks that is bouncy, shining, smooth, or silky.