Home remedies for removing tan from the hands and face!

When you glance in the mirror and notice that your skin is two or more colours darker over the holidays, everything is fun and games. Although for removing tan consider these at-home remedies if you need to get rid of it quickly. It’s no longer a problem to spend too much time at the beach or in the sun. In addition to tanning the skin, exposure to the sun can result in hyperpigmentation and black patches. The skin loses moisture when exposed to harmful UV rays, which eventually causes it to look lifeless and pale.


Are you concerned about going outside in the summertime sun? Then don’t worry! Every problem can be solved by Ayurveda, and tanning is no exception. They can be used to remove tanning from any area of your body, including your neck, feet, arms, and hands.


1. Honey and lemon juice


Dipper in honey bowl with lemons


While honey keeps your skin smooth and supple, the bleaching qualities of lemon juice assist in naturally removing sun tan from the skin. It has a lot of Vitamin C, which is an excellent tan-removing ingredient. While lemon has a bleaching impact, honey contains antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics that will give your skin a natural glow. Lemons contain citric acid, which can be used to treat acne and brighten skin.


How to Apply –


Freshly squeezed lemon juice with some honey added. After applying the combination to your skin, wait 30 minutes before removing it with a gentle cleaner.


Another option is to make a scrub by combining sugar and lemon juice. In addition to removing tan, this will slough off dead skin cells from the surface.


2. Coconut Milk 


glass of coconut water put on dark wooden background


For the skin, coconut milk is incredibly moisturising and nourishing. It aids in replacing moisture that has been lost. It helps remove at-home tanning because to the gentle acids and vitamin C it contains.


How to Apply –


Use fresh, organic coconut milk to soak a cotton ball before applying it to your face. Keep it on until the skin absorbs all of it or it completely dries out. Cleanse it off using a gentle cleaner.


3. Using oats and buttermilk to remove tanning


Cute girl pouring milk in a bowl with cereals


Excellent skin-cleansing and exfoliating qualities can be found in oatmeal. Buttermilk has a lot of lactic acid, which lightens, softens, and evens out skin tone and helps in removing tan.


How to Apply –


In a half cup of water, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal or oats should soak for around 5 minutes. Mix thoroughly after adding a couple of teaspoons of fresh, simple buttermilk. Honey can also be included to add moisture to the pack. Apply the paste you create from these components to your face, neck, arms, and other tanning-affected regions. Circularly rub the area and leave it alone for around 20 minutes. Skin that has been washed off will look new and radiant.


4. Tomato and yoghurt


Tomatoes and bunch of fresh green basil


Tomato juice, which is rich in antioxidants, helps remove tans and brightens the skin. Lactic acid, a natural moisturiser and light exfoliator that nourishes and softens the skin, is abundant in yoghurt. Forget about using skincare products—this mask will take care of everything!


How to Apply –


A raw tomato that has been peeled is blended with a few teaspoons of fresh yoghurt. For 20 minutes, apply this paste to your hands and arms. With cool water, rinse it off.


5. Milk And Saffron


Traditional sweet lassi adorned with saffron strands


In Indian homes, saffron (also known as kesar) is a traditional beauty component. You can keep your skin glowing if you eat saffron, also known as kesar. It also helps any tan go away while enhancing the texture of your skin. Here are some instructions for using milk and saffron to remove sunburn.


How to Apply –


A few saffron threads should be soaked in milk for a while. Pour milk on the affected regions. Instead of milk, saffron can be steeped in cream to give the skin additional hydration.


6. Apply Ayurvedic tanning oil during massage


Elegant Spa Essentials Amidst Lush Green Foliage


Oils made from the bark and roots of ancient herbs like Wild Himalayan Cherry, Vetiver, and Mulethi do wonders to lighten skin. It also makes the skin more resilient, which quickens the healing of skin wounds, while increasing blood vessel strength and lowering skin inflammation. 


How to Apply –


After washing your face and body, pour some oil onto your palm. Start by lightly rubbing your face in a circular motion until all of the product has been absorbed. After that, gently massage the oil into your body with quick upward and downward strokes until it is fully absorbed.


7. Rose water and Vetiver 


organic oil bottles


Sunburns are cooled and relieved by Vetiver, sandalwood and turmeric. It not only heals and cools the skin but also gives your skin a healthy glow. 


How to Apply –


Make a paste by mixing all powders, add milk and apply to the skin or simply use skin creams having these ingredients. 




You will see a difference in your complexion if you frequently apply any of these natural cures. Incorporating these natural solutions into your daily skincare routine can be challenging if you have a hectic schedule. Reshmoma Vedic offers a full line of products to help you remove tan and reveal a radiant complexion, making the process easy for you.


Also, keep in mind that eliminating tan is largely dependent on your diet. Drink 15 to 20 glasses of water daily to ensure you are always properly hydrated. Consume skin-friendly meals, such as fruits and vegetables, in salads, steamed vegetables, juices, and smoothies to increase your intake of antioxidants. Such a diet will assist you in removing tanning and in maintaining good skin.